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Associate Professor, T. Ito
Assistant Professor , I. Fujii
Technician, H. Tanaka
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Laser ultrasonics system
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Our group studies on material and structural strength of solid mechanics in mechanical department . We teach solid dynamics (material dynamics, elasticity and fructure mechanics) in undergraduate course. In a research aspect, we have focused on ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation for industrial materials and structures and analyses of spole damage by high speed impact for the last decade. Material characteristics such elastic constants and fructure mechanics have been measured with "destructive technique" like tensile and bending testing. Instead of this destructive way, our research field is NON destructive technique using ultrasonic propagating in/on solid materials for measuring material characteristics as elastic coefficients, micro structures such as a cristal size, void ratio, micro cracks, stresses and material strength.

Research topics Keywords Correspoinding staff
Simulation of ultrasonic wave propagation with the FEM Explicit dynamic FEM, visualization, nonlinear acoustics T. Ito
Large-scale NDE using guided wave Guided wave simulation, semi-analytical FEM, animation, visualization, Lamb wave, pipe, rail, dispersion curve software T. Ito
long-range pipe inspection system, mode extraction, EMAT, magnetostrictive sensors
Material characterization usign nonlinear acoustic technique

Nonlinear ultrasonics, Longitudinal wave, Rayleigh wave, Water immersion, PVDF transducer, Bond interface, Surface crack

T. Ito
Contact to

Toshihiro Ito
Gokiso Showa Nagoya, 466-8555, Japan

FAX : +81-52-735-5342

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