Equipments in Ito Laboratory 

Data acquisition more detail

Oscilloscope (Iwatsu-Lecroy500MHz) x2

A/D converter board (Gage, Sonix)

D/A converter board for GA-10000 (Gage compugen 1100)

Signal amplifier, pulser&receiver (RITEC Inc.) more detail

SNAP system RAM-5000

Gated amplifier RAM-10000, GA-10000

Square wave pulser SP-801

Broadband receiver BR-640 x2

Laser ultrasonic excitation and detection system more detail

Q-switched Nd:YAG laser (B.M. Industry 5000series)

Heterodyne laser interferometer (UltraOptec OP35-I/O)

Mortor controlled scanner

Highly accurate 6 axes controllable scanner

4 axes controllable scanner consisting of optical items (Suruga seiki) 

Special transducers

PVDF transducers for leaky Rayleigh wave

Air-coupled transducers and accessories (Micro Acoustic Inc.)

EMATs fabricated by ourselves for bulk and surface wave

Measurement systems for Material characterization

Metal microscope

SEM (owned by Mechanical Engineering Dept.)