LASER ultrasonic excitation&detection

Q-switched Nd:YAG laser (B.M. Industry 5013COMP30)


  • Repetition rate: 30Hz
  • Energy per pulse: 440mJ for 1064nm wavelength, 190mJ for 532nm, 75mJ for 355nm, 35mJ for 266nm
  • Pulse width: 6-8ns
  • Linewidth: 1 cm-1
  • Beam divergence: 0.5mrad
  • Jitter: ±0.5ns
  • Energy stability: 1.2%
  • Beam pointing stabiliuty (mrad)
  • Water service: 4 l/mn (1GPM)
  • Electrical service: 16A (210-240VAC)
B.M Industry


Heterodyne laser interferometer (UltraOptec OP35-I/O)


  • Probing distance: Roughly 7 cm.
  • Modes of operation: In-Plane and Out-of-Plane (use toggle switch)
  • Differential interferometry (minimal optics reconfiguration).
  • Electronic bandwidth:3 dB points at 1 kHz and 35 MHz.
  • Input dynamic range: 30 dB dynamic range for interference signal.
  • Within the 30 dB range, the output signal calibration (A/mV) will remain reliable.
  • Output dynamic range: 60 dB dynamic range for calibrated output signal (from 0.5A up to 700A).
  • Sensitivity: Detection limit on non-absorbing scattering surface. (Specifications achieved with 5 mW built-in laser, and within a 200 kHz to 35 MHz band).
  • Physical dimensions: Optical unit: 81 X 28 X 11 (cm) wt 25 kg
  • Electronic unit: 36 X 26 X 18 (cm) wt 16 kg